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Privacy Policy

Rights of Intellectual Propriety

Rights of the Authors and/or rights on the drawings and models :

This site constitutes literature to which SECODI POWER SYSTEMS claims rights under Article L. 111.1 and following the Code of Intellectual Propriety.

The photographs, texts, slogans, drawings, images and all other works displayed in this site are property of SECODI POWER SYSTEMS or of others who have subsequently given SECODI POWER SYSTEMS right of use.

The engine models represented in the site are protected under the rights of authorship clause and the articles L.511.1 and following the Code of Intellectual Propriety relevant to the available models.

Reproductions, whether they be printed or electrically reproduced, are allowed as long as they are strictly for personal use only excluding all published, commercial, informative use and must adhere to Article L122-5 of the Code of Intellectual Propriety.

In the exception if the ensuing uses, all reproduction, representation, use or modification, by whatever proceeding or by whatever support, of all or part of the site, of all or part of the works, without having sought and received acceptance from SECODI POWER SYSTEMS, is strictly forbidden and is punishable by 2 years in prison and by a 150,000 euro fine.

Trademark Rights :

Many trademarks are presented throughout this site; they are, in principle, identified by capital case letters. These marks are used by SECODI POWER SYSTEMS either with athorisation from their holder, or as simple indications of the products or services provided by SECODI POWER SYSTEMS.

The reproduction, imitation, use, or affixing of these marks without having obtained previous authorisation from SECODI POWER SYSTEMS or the other respective holders of the represented trademarks constitutes an offence punishable by 2 years in prison and a 150,000 euro fine. 

Product and Service Information

These pages constitute and general presentation of the product line and the services distributed by SECODI POWER SYSTEMS.

SECODI POWER SYSTEMS solely reserves the right to modify, at any moment without forewarning, the information displayed on the present site, notably that information relative to the technical characteristics and the equipment related to the represented models according to the interactivity of the site, so as long as this does not damage the responsibility of SECODI POWER SYSTEMS, the other members of the market, or its employees.

The SECODI POWER SYSTEMS market is equally at your disposition for any and all information, notably that related to tariffs, on the availability of any of the represented models as well as to their latest modifications. 

Personal and Other Information

You can view this site freely without having to reveal your identity or even the least amount of information regarding yourself.

The information that you transmit to us will be considered as non-confidential material and can be freely used and distributed amongst SECODI POWER SYSTEMS and the other members of our commercial market, under adherence of the applicable legal tendencies and notably the Law “Informatique and Libertes” n°78-17 dating January 6, 1978.

Personal Information :

Through particular respect of the transparence and protection of your rights, SECODI POWER SYSTEMS will not procure any information allowing your identification except under the case of material transmitted direct from you to our organisation submitted through the fields provided within the site.

The personal information regarding yourself that is received by SECODI POWER SYSTEMS is used solely to respond to your inquiries, requests of appointment, etc. It is exclusively bound for SECODI POWER SYSTEMS and the other societies in its commercial market in the event of a need for further professional analysis, or commercial/marketing aid.

 No commercial exploitation whatsoever, of informations received can be launched without the direct and written accord of SECODI POWER SYSTEMS or other members of the commercial market, according to circumstance.

This information is reserved in confidentiality and protected by SECODI POWER SYSTEMS and the members of our commercial market.

Conforming to Article 34 of Law “Informatique et Libertes” n°78-17 dating from January 6, 1978, you reserve the right of access and rectification of your personal information submitted to us at your own will.

“Cookies” :

During your visit to our site, no cookies were inserted into your computer. A cookie is an information block sent from the server through your navigator and saved on the hard disk of your computer. Cookies do not permit your personal identification. In general, it sends out information on the general internet activity of your computer.