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Power solutions

Industrial diesel engines

Perkins offer a complete range of industrial engines from 1.1L to 18L and from 10kW to 500kW for use machines for agriculture, construction, materials handling and specialist applications.

The range includes options that meet the latest and strictest international emissions regulations and as well as simpler options for countries that do not yet require such advanced technology.

Every Perkins engine is compatible with the latest HVO low carbon fuel.

Power generation engines

Perkins engines have a strong reputation for efficient and reliable power generation, which is why they are specified by buyers and OEMs for generator sets around the world.

The range of power generation engines from Perkins is from 1.1L to 61 litres and from 5-10 KVA to 2500 KVA. There is a choice of operating speeds, making them suitable for both 60hz and 50hz territories.

The range includes products that meet different global emissions standards.

Every Perkins engine is compatible with the latest HVO low carbon fuel.

We Customise your engine

Perkins engines are used in more than 5000 of different machine models, so there are many optional components and features to adapt them to the fit and functional requirements of OEMs’ machines.

As specialists in customisation, Secodi Power Systems applications engineers define a made-to-measure configuration for your engine. From a complete study of your needs to engineering and systems integration.

Secodi Power Systems has an experienced applications team with a deep understanding of the engine and its operating conditions. They support machine manufacturers in engine integration to maximise engine performance, efficiency and reliability. This experienced support minimises the cost and duration of your new machine project.

Our team will recommend, and can supply, additional components such as cooling packs, instrumentation, electronics and wiring harnesses.

Alternative power

Many OEMs want to to add lower carbon machines to their product range. Many machine types can be completely electrified, but this will not be the right answer for all machines. Other alternatives routes exist such as hybridisation or alternative fuels such as hydrogen.

Secodi Power Systems partners with sister company DINTEC Solutions to offer a full OEM design and integration partnership service for low carbon power. The team have been successfully electrifying machines more than 10 years.